cum ajung de la aeroport in centrul orasului

“How do I reach the city centre from the airport?”

A question that always appears when we travel is the following: “What is the best option to reach the city centre from the airport?” Transportation options differ in every city and in this article we show you how to reach the city centre in all the places that we have already visited.


From Ciampino Airport to Rome

  • Shuttle bus express

From Ciampino Airport, you can take the Terra Vision bus which is the fastest way to reach Rome.
A ticket costs 5 euro and it can be purchased online or even from the airport. In order to avoid queues, online option should be used. Another company that makes similar airport transfers is SITBusShuttle.

  • Bus + Metro

From Ciampino airport you can also take the bus operated by Atral company and it will let you at the end of metro line A, Anagnina station. A one way ticket costs 1.2 euro and another charge of 1.2 euro can be takrn for big luggages. From Anagnina station, you can take the metro to the city centre of Rome. The price of one way ticket is 1.5 euro.

  • Bus + Train

The cheapest way, but also the most complicated option is the one by which you take bus to Ciampino train station. It costs you 1.2 euro. Then you will take the train to railway central station in Rome which costs 1.5 euro.

This is not the best option as it will take more time to reach the city centre.

  • Taxi

The most expensive means of transportation. It can costs you 30-40 euro for a ride to Rome.

Barcelona barcelona

From El Prat Airport to Barcelona

Barcelona has only 1 airport, Barcelona Airport – El Prat, the second biggest airport in Spain, used by both low-cost and charter airline companies.

  • Bus no 46 and night bus N17

Bus no.46 operates daily between the two airport terminals and the city centre. And advantage of this type of transportation is that you can use a bus pass for public transportation, if you purchased one. The bus pass cannot be used for the Express Line of Aerobus. It runs from 4:50 to 23:50 and it costs 2.3 euro.

Bus N17 can be useful when you reach Barcelona during the night. It runs between 21:55 to 04:45 and a ticket costs 2.2 euro.

  • Express Line – Aerobus

Aerobus provides express transportation services with its buses and a ticket costs 5.9 euro, and a round-trip ticket goes up to 10.20 euro. Pay atention if you return with Aerobus, make sure that it goes to the terminal where your flight appears.

  • Train

Only terminal 2 is connected to the city through railway. From 2019, based on the information provided on El Prat Airport site, it is expected that Terminal 1 will also be connected to the city by train. In the mean time, buses connect the two terminals.

There are multiple stations where you can get off the train, like: Passeig de Gracia or Barcelona Sants Station. One ticket is 4.2 euro and the trains run every 30 minutes.

  • Taxi

Probably the fastest and most expensive way to reach the city. It can cost you more than 30 euros.


Vaclav Havel Airport to Prague

  • Bus+ metro

It is the cheapest way to reach the city centre. You take bus 119 until the last station, Nazdrazi Velesavi and from there you take the metro which will connect you to the rest of the city through line A. It runs from 4:23 AM and 23:42 AM (last bus).

You can also take bus 100 to Zlicin station, which is connected to Line B or take bus 191 which will take you to Andel.

A transportation ticket can cost you 32 CZK (Czeck crowns) for adult (approx. 1.2 euro), and 16 CZK for a child (approx. 0.6 euro) which can be used for 90 minutes.

A bus pass for a day will cost you 110 CZK (4.25 euro), while for 3 days you have to pay 310 CZK (12 euro).

A map with locations where you can find these buses can be found here.

If you reached Prague Airport by night, you can use bus 510, which goes to Divoka Sarka station, then you can take train 51 that will take you to the city centre. From there, you can find connections to all city zones. Please note that the metro is not working during the night. Bus 510 runs between 12 at night and 5 in the morning.

A useful video which can help you with public transportation from Prague airport to the city centre can be found here.

  • Bus Express

This bus connects the airport to the train central station from Prague and the price of a one-way trip is 50 CZK (approx. 2 euro). It is very useful for those that have train connections to other cities and need to reach the train central station fast.

  • Uber

An uber will cost you 15-20 euros from the airport to the city centre.

  • Private transfer

Welcomepickups.com are focused on transfers from Prague airport and a trip can cost you 22 euros.  You can reach faster you destination in comparison to the public transportation.

If you do not want to use public transportation, we do not recommend using Public Taxi, because you have better prices and conditions in Uber si Welcomepickups.com. Taxi drivers in Prague do not have a good reputation.


Wizz Air lands in Dubai at Al Maktoum Airport, while Fly Dubai lands at Dubai International Airport

From Al Maktoum Airport to Dubai

If you land at Al Maktoum Airport, you have two options to reach the city centre of Dubai

  • Bus + Metro

From the beginning, it should be mentioned that public transportation in Dubai can be used through a card where you put money for transportation tickets. More details can be found here.

You can take the bus express F5 which leaves each hour and runs between 6 in the morning and 10 pm. It takes you to the metro station Ibn Battuta and from here you can continue your trip by metro (line 99 to Jebel Ali Free Zone) or by bus to the central district of Dubai.

During the night, you can use express F55A, which runs from 11 pm to 6 am in the morning.

  • Taxi

A taxi can cost you around 100-150 AED, which is more expensive but faster and confortable. It is an useful option for those that travel in groups where expenses can be shared.

Uber or other share riding applications cannot be used in this part of the city.

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From Dubai International Airport to Dubai

This airport is situated closer to Dubai city centre in comparison with Al Maktoum Airport.

  • Bus

If you land at Terminal 1 or 2, you can take the bus 401 to Deira district, the old part of the city.

Bus 402 goes to the new part of the city. A ticket costs 3 AED which should be put on the transportation card mentioned at the beginning.

The bus runs 24/24, daily, every 30 minutes.

  • Metro

Terminal 1 and 3 of the airport are directly connected to the metro station, but remember that you are allowed with only 2 luggages in the metro, one of them being a hand luggage.

The metro runs every 10 minutes, but not the whole day. Generally, metros on the airport line runs from Sunday to Wednesday, from 5 AM to midnight. On Thursday, from 5 AM to 1 AM, while on Friday between 10 AM to 1 AM.

Here you will also need the transportation card.

  • Taxi/Uber

Taxis are available at higher prices in comparison to public transportation. There is an added tax of 25 AED for airport transportation to the city and the price/km is around 2 AED.

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Ferenc Liszt Airport International to Budapest

  • Bus + metro

In order to reach Budapest, you can take bus 200E, which runs from Terminal 2 to metro station Kobanya-Kispest (metro line M3) and afterwards you can go to the the city centre (station Ujpest–Kozpont).

Bus runs between 4 AM to 11 PM and a ticket will cost you 1.15 euro (350 HUF -Hungarian forint). The station can be found right in front of Terminal 2.

There is a bus express line, 100E, which can take you from the city centre to Deak ter. At the airport, the bus station can be found between the two terminals. A ticket will cost 3 euro (900 HUF).

During the night, bus 900 goes to Kobanya-Kispest.

  • Taxi

A taxi ride to the city centre might cost you 20-25 euro. Cabs can be found in both terminals.

  • Airport Shuttles

Another method to reach the airport from Budapest and vice-versa is airport shuttles. More info about this way can be found here.


From Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam

  • Tren

Schiphol Airport is directly connected to railway. It is probably the fastest and the efficient way of transportation from the airport to the city and vice-versa. Trains run often and a ticket will cost you 5.9 euro and can be bought from self-serving vending machines or at the counter. The ride takes 20 minute and we surely recommend this option.

  • Bus

Another cheap way is to take bus 397, which will cost you 5 euro and you will reach the city centre in half an hour. You can buy the from the counter or directly from the bus driver.

  • Taxi

A taxi ride from the airport to the city is the most expensive option. It will cost you around 30 euro.



From Orio al Serio Airport (Bergamo Airport) to Milano

This is the airport where low-cost flights arrive in Milano and is position 45km away from the city.

  • Bus

There are 3 bus transportation firms which run between this airport and Milano: Terravision, Autostradale, Orioshuttle. The ride takes approximately 1h, and a ticket will cost you 4-5 euro. If you buy ticket on the spot, you will pay more.

  • Train

You can take ATB bus to Bergamo train station. Then, you can take a train ticket to Milano Centrale. However, this option is more expensive (7 euro for bus ticket and train ticket) and it will take more time to reach the city centre of Milano.

  • Taxi

The most expensive option, but it is useful when you reach the airport by night. Buses will not run during the night, the taxi remaining the only viable option.


From Chopin Airport to Warsaw

  • Train

This is the best option to reach the city centre of Warsaw. A ticket for public transportation will cost 4.4 PNL (Polish zlots) which is approximately 1 euro for a 75 minute ride. A ticket for the whole day will cost 15 PLN (3.5 euro), while one for 3 days will cost 36 PLN (8.4 euro).

  • Bus

There are at least 5 buses that connect Chopin Airport to the city. Bus 175 runs during the day between the airport and the city centre, while bus 188 runs during the night on the same route.

Buses 148 and 331 travel during the day between the airport and different parts of Warsaw. Bus N32 runs during the night between the airport and central station.

  • Uber

Cheap prices in comparison to other cities, a trip can cost around 40 PLN (10 euro) from the airport to the city centre.


From Airport Portela to Lisbon

  • Metro

The fastest and most efficient way to reach the centre of Lisbon. You will reach Saldanha station (Financial centre of Lisbion) on the red line in approximately 15 minutes.

A one-way ticket will cost you 1.4 euro, while a transportation pass for day costs 6 euro, which can also be used for trains, trams or buses.

It runs from 6 am to 11 pm.

A disadvantage would be the long queues from ticket vending machines.

  • Bus

Aerobus 1 runs between the city Centre (final station Cais do Sodre), while Aerobus 2 goes to financial centre (final station Av. Jose Malhoa). A one way ticket will cost you 4 euro and a round trip ticket will cost 6 euro.

  • Taxi

One ride will take you up to 15-20 euro during the day, while during the night you can expect higher prices.

Our recommendation is to use the metro transportation from the airport. It was the fastest and cheapest option.

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From Charleroi airport to Bruxelles

This airport is far from Bruxelles, situated at 55 km away from the city and that is why it does not offer many options for visitors.

  • Shuttle Bus

Flibco bus company operates at each 30 minutes, transport between the airport and Bruxelles-midi, where you will have connection to other parts of the city throught metro and bus.

Our recommendation is to buy online tickets for this shuttle bus in order to avoid queues at the counter, and afterwards the queues to enter the bus. Also, prices are smaller on the site.

A one-way ticket bought online can cost 14.20 euro, while one bought directly from the counter can cost 17 euro.

  • Taxi

A ride can cost 80-90 euro, taking into consideration the long distance between Charleroi and Bruxelles.

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From Pisa International Airport (Galileo Galilei Airport) to Pisa

  • Train

Situated 2 km away from the city, Pisa International Airport offers a great way to reache the train central station. We are talking about PisaMoveer, a train situated near the airport which will take you to Pisa Central Station in 5 minutes. It will let you at platform 14 and from there you have connections to the other parts of the city or other cities from Italy.

A ride will cost you 2.7 euro and it runs between 6 AM and 12 PM, every 5-10 minutes.

  • Bus

Another option is to take bus E3, which leaves every 30 minutes. A ticket will cost you 2.5 euro.

  • Taxi

Cabs are situated at the exit of the airport terminal and the price varies between 6 and 10 euro.

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From Airport Schönefeld to Berlin

  • Train

Train station is situated near the airport and by using S trains (S9 and S45) you can reach different parts of the city.

Berlin is split in different zones, and a ticket to access all can cost 3.4 euro.

There are also several regional trains RE7/RB14 which connect the city centre to the airport, but also RB22 train which links the airport to Potsdam.

Exista si o serie de trenuri regionale RE7/RB14 care leaga centrul orasului de aeroport, dar si trenul RB22 care ofera legatura cu Potsdam.

  • Bus

Several buses worth to mention are x7 (express bus) or night ones (N7, N60).

More information regarding buses that connect the airport and Berlin can be found here.

  • Taxi

The price of one ride from the airport can go to 25-30 euro and it is useful for those that are in a rush.

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From Kayseri Airport to Goreme (Cappadocia)

  • Transfer

Cappadocia region is vast, but the central atraction is in Goreme where you can find all hot air balloons.

We landed in Kayseri and the transport to Goreme was ensured by our Hotel through a transfer, which had a cost of 10 euro/person. The distance between Kayseri and Goreme is high, the trip took approximately one hour.

Our recommendation is to ask your hotel/accommodation from Cappadocia regarding their transfer services because this is the best option.

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From Eleftherios Venizelos Airport to Athens

Athens airport is situated 35 km away from the city centre.

  • Buses X94 xi X95

Bus X94 goes to Ethniki Amyna, while X95 goes to Syntagma Square. There are more often rides during the day (approx. 15 minutes), while during the night it can run every 30 minutes.

Bus X96 can take you Pireu harbour, leaving every 20 minutes during the day and 40 minutes during the night.

The price of one ride is 3 euro.

  • Metro

A ticket for the metro is more expensive that for the bus: 8 euro one way for one person and 14 euro round trip, but you will reach the city faster.

  • Taxi

It can cost you 35 euro during the day, while during the night it might get to 50 euro


From Bari Karol Wojtyla International Airport (BRI) to Bari

  • Train

The duration of the trip is 15-20 minutes. The train is operated by a private company, the tickets can be bought from the counter situated before the station. The price of one ticket is 5 euro.

  • Shuttle bus

It takes 30 minutes to reach the city and the price of a ticket is 4 euro.

  • Local bus

It costs 1 euro and it is the cheapest way to reach the city. The last station is Aldo Moro Market near the Central Station in Bari.

Costa 1 euro si este cea mai ieftina varianta. Ultima statie e la Piata Aldo Moro langa Gara Centrala.

Good to know:  In Bari there are 14 train stations. Make sure you reach the right one.

  • Taxi

The medium price for a ride is 20 euro, but it can vary.


From Wien International Airport (Flughafen Wien) to Vienna

  • Tren express CAT (City Airport Train)

It connects the airport to the city very well, reaching Wien Mitte in 16 minutes, where you will have connections to each part of the city. The price of a ticket is 11 euro if you buy it from the airport or 10 euro euro if you purchase it online. A round trip ticket will cost around 20 euro.

More info about CAT can be found here.

  • OBB train

A ticket costs 4.2 euro for an adult and 2.1 euro for a child. Children under 6 years do not pay. Tickets are available at vending machines, at the counter, but also on their site.

S7 train will take you to Wien Mitte in 25 minutes or Wien Praterstern in half an hour. The train runs at every 30 minutes, between 5 AM and midnight.

  • Bus

There are many bus lines from the airport, a ticket one way is 8 euro (Vienna Airport Line) or a 5 euro price (Blaguss Air-Lines. More info about the routes of these buses can be found here.


From Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport to Bucharest

  • Bus 

Express Line 780 connects the Henri Coanda Airport to Gara de Nord Train Station (main railway station). It runs from 05:35 to 23:10, from Monday to Friday.

Express line 783 will take you to the Union Square (Piata Unirii), directly throught the city centre. It runs from 0:30 to 23:45 from Monday to Friday.

The price of a single fare is 3.5 RON (approximately 0.8 euro).

  • Taxi

Be careful if you are trying to take a cab to the city centre, as cab drivers are usually trying to rip off the tourists.

The price is usually between 1.39 RON/Km and 3.5 RON/Km and make sure to take one of the authorised taxis that are situated outside the Arrivals Terminal.


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